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So, it’s officially October, tomorrow might as well be Christmas. Okay, not really – but the countdown officially begins! I have been pondering one what I should get the hubby for nearly 2 months already. Yes, you read that right. T w o  w h o l e  m o n t h s.

Last year, we celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple. Also, this was my first holiday season since being 16 that I didn’t have a job. Luckily for me, I received a nice little lump sum of money when I gained my veteran status and I was doing odd end babysitting jobs. I didn’t have a lot of money to blow, but was able to give my husband a pretty decent Christmas morning for only $200!

I know being a SAHM, you do a lot. Yes, you do earn your rights to hubby’s money, but I can’t be the only one that feels bad about that….right? I grew up in a household that didn’t have much money to blow. I am a proud survivor of dollar tree (gasp!) and “you’re only getting 5 things” (double gasp!) Christmas’s. With that being said, some of my favorite gifts were received during my early childhood years! When I was in Elementary school, my mom was living that single mom life. My mom doesn’t do holidays anymore, but that just makes me cherish those early memories even more. Two things I’ll always remember getting from her was a book titled, “Guess How Much I Love You,” and a large blanket with a sun on it. Funny story – that blanket got puked on and I missed it so much, I actually asked for it again a few years later.

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In my early teenage years, my dad gained custody of my brother and me. Money was extremely tight and he was working long shifts at multiple jobs to keep a roof over our heads. That doesn’t mean he didn’t figure out a way to give us a show stopping present to wrap Christmas morning up, though! I remember one year, I just HAD to have an iPod touch. My dad talked to my mom to make sure she didn’t buy me one as well…..then my mom told my grandma……and well, that was just a bad idea. My grandma told me I was getting it and let’s just say, a few feelings were hurt that year. With that being said, my goal is to always have that jaw-hits-the-floor gift for my children.

Buying presents for your children

Luckily, it’s a little easier to dip into hubby’s pocket when it’s gifts for your kids. This is actually Evelyn’s first Christmas! She will be 10 months old AND I AM SO EXCITED. I know everybody’s present situation will be slightly different. Some families have the extra money to spend, while some families will not be able to provide much – but that’s okay! I’ve briefly talked to my husband about what we’ll be getting her. I say briefly because it’s basically me just rambling to him while he gives me a few “uh-hums” and “sures.” I am hoping we are able to set a foundation for later holiday seasons in life.

Basic kiddo present guideline

  • Something they need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read
  • Something they want

The goal is to not break the bank on something that she probably wont remember. Since she will be 10 months old, I’ve been looking at age appropriate things to get her. We currently live in Guam so that means that the shopping selection absolutely sucks. Last year when I went shopping for my husband, there was nearly nothing on the shelves. I tried to find date night board games, but the toy selection was completely swiped too. Let me remind you, this was in mid November. But here’s a big ole’ shout out to my BFF, Amazon!

Baby girl’s unofficial wish list

1.) Something they need

This was/ is difficult to figure out. What will my baby absolutely need at 10 months old? Well, I think she needs a puppy, but daddy said no. It’s important for me to find something that will challenge her sensory development, is decently priced, quality made, and something that she will love! DING DING DING! Anything food related! When Evelyn was 6 months old, we began baby led weaning (BLW). For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s introducing whatever you eat to baby. I wont go into details so make sure to do some homework if you’re interested. At only 7.5 months old, baby girl can devour a full serving of food. She’s recently taken interest in utensils and enjoys having vivid colors on her high chair tray. Anything BLW related will definitely hit all of my important requirements for something that she needs. Here’s a quick round up on what we’ll be getting. Make sure to click the photos to order!

*Please note – if you order through my links, I may receive a small commission*

Grabease Utensils

Why we want this – help preload utensils and avoid baby girl from downing too much of her fork or spoon. This will help her understand the concept of eating with a fork and spoon and I don’t have to worry about her choking herself. These utensils have over 280 reviews at 4.5 stars.

Weesprout silicone plates

Why we want this- help separate food, portion control, and no worries about having the plate thrown on the ground! These plates have over 470 reviews at 4.5 stars.

Dr. Brown’s straw cups

Why we want this- Dr. Brown’s has been a brand that we now love and trust. We have a handled sippy cup that Evelyn is learning how to use. She’s having a hard time tilting her cup still, so we’re optimistic that straw usage will be our easy solution. These cups have over 270 reviews at 4.5 stars.

2.) Something to wear

This is much simpler. It’s easy to go gaga over clothing, am I right or am I right? We’re still in Guam, so we’ll definitely be looking for something that she can stay cool in. This would be an awesome gift to find at a thrift store, too! Unfortunately, we don’t have Goodwill or any other large thrift shops on island. After this year, you better bet my thrift game will be on point. 😉

3.) Something to read

We’ve slowly been adding to the baby library collection. Every night after bath time, the three of us read a book together. However, I am getting so sick and tired of only having a few books to choose from!

Dr. Seuss has been loved by families for generations. This book collection has four of the classics! Enjoy reading Hop on Pop; Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!; Ten Apples Up On Top!; and The Shape of Me and Other Stuff. Best part, they’re all baby board AND only $15!

4.) Something they want

This item was easy peasy lemon squeezy to figure out. Evelyn is obsessed with my cell phone and laptop, so it’s time for her own!

This is Baby’s Learning Laptop by VTech.

  • Baby laptop features three modes of play; teaches shapes, common objects, feelings and music
  • 9 chunky keyboard keys make the baby computer look like a real laptop; light-up screen teaches early learning concepts
  • Toy laptop comes with a moveable Mouse that is perfectly sized for growing babies and toddlers
  • Early learning center comes with over 90 sing-along songs, music, sounds and fun phrases
  • Learning toy intended for babies and toddlers 6 months to 3 years old; operates on 2 included AA batteries

This item has over 1,100 reviews at 4.5 stars. Plus, it’s only $16!

Baby’s first Christmas for less than $75!

Buying presents for your hubby

At last. Let’s talk about what probably made you click to this page. Like I talked about earlier in this post, I was able to give my husband a Christmas for around $200 last year. I adopted the same concept of need, wear, read, and want. I personally believe if you follow this, your Christmas shopping will always be successful – even for the “hard to buy” guy in your life.

Husband’s Christmas 2017

Need- My husband is in the Navy, so it’s necessary that he goes to work with a baby bum smooth face. Once upon a time ago, when we weren’t living on one income, Jacob would treat himself to the occasional hot shave. However, one hot shave can be $30+! I found this nifty little shave kit and found a straight blade at our local store. He’s been using all items in Gentleman Jon’s Wet Shave Kit for almost a year, and is still using the original items! Let me make this really clear, my husband has to shave 5-6 days out of the week. This shave kit is only $55.

Wear- Luckily, my husband is fairly simple. I bought him a simple Carhartt shirt (which I might have stolen in my third trimester) and he loves it! Usually, I feel like thick shirts don’t drape on a person’s body well. However, this shirt is very flattering on my husband and it’s holding up wayyyyy better than any other simple shirt that he owns!

Read- So, I won’t lie – this wasn’t completely for him. I was 7 months pregnant when Christmas rolled around and I couldn’t resist finding a book for daddy-baby time. I blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but I definitely got sweaty eyeballs after he opened this.

Want- Even though my husband is a “grown ass man,” he can’t keep his grubby little hands off of these things when we go to the store. You know what happens when you finally buy your guy something like this? He doesn’t touch it. At all. Hey, on the flip side – no more wasting time asking the Magic 8 Ball for life advice in public.

Want- Wow, did I spoil him or what? *insert eye roll here* TWO WANT ITEMS?! If your husband doesn’t drop occasional hints on something random that he wants, then you’re clearly not picking up what he’s putting down. This knife sharpener was surprisingly cheap at only $25.

Show stopper- So, technically this could be considered as a third want. This is an Eco drive men’s citizen watch – that means the sun powers it, so no batteries! I actually got really lucky when I was looking at men’s gifts on Amazon. Typically, this watch retails at nearly $100. I got it for only $60 due to a promo!

Show stopper part two- I started a little DIY project when we were only dating for about 2 months. I shared stories, kept receipts, small souvenirs and photos in a little book. Every page was decorated and shared some sort of intimate detail about our journey together. I finally decided to gift it to him on Christmas morning & oh boy…..was that emotional. Ladies, to this day, this is one of our most prized possessions.

2018 Husband Christmas Guide – on the cheap

Make sure to watch out for online promos and store sales. Are you really on a severe budget? Check out your local thrift store or make some DIYs!

To my dear husband,

If you’re reading this, please stop. Failure to comply may result in castration. xoxo

Give the gift of FREE Amazon trials

If you decide to do free trials, here’s my little tidbit of advice. Wait until only a few days before Christmas rolls around. Make a little card with login information and present that way! Please note, free trials only last for 30 days. After the initial month, Amazon will charge you.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Free Trial

Give the gift of reading!

– Both Prime and non-Prime members can sign up for this 30 day free trial.
– Customers can sign up for free trial on Android devices Fire devices.
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Join Amazon Prime Music – The Only Music Streaming Service with Free 2-day Shipping – 30-day Free Trial

Give the gift of music!

Personally, this is one of the things I definitely plan on doing. I will be creating a little “digital mixtape” for him as well. Gifts with meaning are always the best!

Prime Members Start Your Free Trial of CBS All Access with Prime Video Channels

Give the gift of CBS!

Need a few date night plans? Already seen everything on Netflix? Scroll through CBS and find something new to binge watch! Make sure it’s fast. After all, you only have a month 😉

Prime Members Start Your Free Trial of HBO with Prime Video Channels

Give the gift of HBO!

Need a few date night plans? Already seen everything on Netflix? Scroll through HBO and find something new to binge watch! Make sure it’s fast. After all, you only have a month 😉

Create Amazon Business Account

Give the gift of organization!

Is your husband a business owner? Amazon Business helps consolidate everything to run a business – no matter the scale. Start with a 30 day free trial. If your husband thinks it’s a beneficial tool, it’s only $179 annually. With this, you’ll have access to many perks. Members will receive free 2 day shipping, bulk order discounts and business owner discounts.

Try Twitch Prime

Give the gift of gaming!

Prime membership now includes exclusive benefits on Twitch, the world¿s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts.

Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

Give the gift of daydreaming!

Not going to lie, I have created and deleted several wedding registries in the last few years of my life. My husband and I actually spent hours one day window shopping and creating a list together. Do we need any of these items? No. Is it nice to daydream? Absolutely.

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Give the gift of audiobooks!

Upon completion, you’ll receive two free audio books that you get to keep forever! Audible, an Amazon company, offers the world’s largest selection of digital audiobooks and spoken word content. With Audible, customers can listen anytime and anywhere to professionally-narrated audiobooks across a wide range of genres.

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10 gifts under $15

Happy holidays everybody!




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