Why I love the Safety 1st Grow 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

To my surprise, I see mommas asking about car seat recommendations at least once weekly. I hope you’re able to consider my insight, and hopefully convince you on why this is THE best car seat for your little one! The Safety 1st Grow 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is not only built for protection, but it’s easy on the wallet as well!

“When you know better, you do better.”

Millennial parents struggle daily due to older generations ridiculing new waves of parenting. Unfortunately, some elders of society are stuck with outdated parenting information, which has led to an uneducated group of parents in the now. Even though some points of conflict are not detrimental to a child’s well-being, car seat safety is the exception. Car seat safety is an ever-evolving subject that should be taken more seriously to ensure the livelihood of all children. In order to practice proper car seat safety, a parent would need to understand the importance of a car seat, how to select and install it, and how to effectively secure their child.

In this article, we will be discussing a few things –

1.) Why The Safety 1st Grow 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is amazing

2.) Car seat safety & case studies

3.) How to install your Safety 1st Grow 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

4.) How to clean your Safety 1st Grow 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

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Why we bought the Safety 1st Grow 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Well, it’s pretty simple, actually. We originally were going to go for a cheap $50 car seat. Honestly, there was absolutely no additional cushion in it, and the reviews were not so great. I was eager to purchase a car seat, in hopes that my baby girl would come a little early! Luckily, my husband convinced me to wait so we (or I should say I) could do a little bit more homework. I quickly grew frustrated learning that most convertible car seats ran up in the $250-$300 range *cough cough GRACO*

Hours went by, and I finally stumbled upon this amazing little thing. I couldn’t believe how cushioned and sturdy it looked! Evelyn definitely prefers this seat over her newborn carrier. The straps fit her beautifully and the extra protection ensures that the straps aren’t rubbing up on her.

Here’s my little Evelyn Marie leaving the hospital in her Safety 1st seat!

Here’s a screenshot directly from the Safety 1st Amazon post. Click on the link for further information! Don’t worry, we’ll cover most of it in this post!

Safety specs

This information was pulled directly from the Safety 1st website.

-The car seat built to GROW for extended use through 3 stages: Rear-facing 5-40 pounds, Forward-facing 22-65 pounds, and Belt-positioning booster 40-100 pounds
Side Impact Protection
-Harness holders: with the harness held back, it’s easy to get your child in and out of the seat
-Grow-with-baby pillows for a comfortable ride
-QuickFit™ Harness for easy adjustment of both harness and headrest in one simple step
-3-position recline makes it easy to get a good fit in your car
-IIHS Good Bet rating for use in booster mode
-Takes up less space in the back seat, for up to 7 inches of extra room in the front
-Machine washable and dryer safe seat pad, removes with no fuss for truly easy cleaning
-2 integrated cup holders
-Exceeds Federal Safety Standards


As a parent or guardian, you must know how to properly select a child’s car seat based on your child’s needs. It is common knowledge that there are different styles of car seats based off of the child’s age. For example, a newborn carrier seat would be used for a child approximately zero to twelve months of age. Or, the alternative of a convertible car seat could be used instead. A convertible car seat is typically labeled safe for children aged zero months to three years. Additionally, after a child outgrows their old car seat, they will upgrade to a booster seat or a seat belt secured seat.

Fortunately enough, using a convertible car seat will help save you some money in the long run. Why spend $200 on a newborn carrier…..another $200 on a forward facing seat, then an additional $50 for a booster seat? That just doesn’t make sense!

Easy installation

Installation is a breeze! I wont lie, I don’t have the best pictures of installation. I hate to blame it on my husband…but…he was the one taking the pictures 😉

Easy cleaning

If you don’t have knowledge on the construction of a car seat, disassembling and reassembling the cushions can seem daunting. However, I’m working on a post that gives a detailed description on how to clean your car seat!

Here’s a little sneak peak of it taken apart!

Fun fact – You should be cleaning your car seat every 2 weeks!

Additional features

One of my favorite things about things is the level of customization! The car seat includes shoulder pads, head pad, and additional padding everywhere to ensure a proper and comfy ride for your little one.

Case study

It has been proven that car seats are necessary to protect children in a moving vehicle. Sometimes, vehicle accidents are unpreventable. In some of these situations, there is a child under the age of 14 that is not properly harnessed. Unfortunately, improper or a lack of child restraints can lead to a fatality. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “traffic crashes are the leading cause of death in the United States for children age 2-14 years.”

Since this is an on-going issue in American society, there have been multiple studies on guardian’s level of proper car seat knowledge. In the year of 2008, a study was conducted to “determine the effectiveness of child safety seat checkpoints in generating change in child restraint practice to reduce the prevalence and extent of misuses.”

In this study, 160 parents underwent a car seat training demonstration. The initial results showed that parents were not properly securing their children in to their car seats. Out of that 160, only 42 individuals came back for their follow-up exam. However, for the individuals that did return, the results from their initial visit to their follow up increased significantly. These parents acknowledged and fixed improper techniques like; strap tightness, harness retainer clip at armpit level, and having the car seat safely attached to the vehicle.

Taking these vital steps will ensure a child’s safety in the case of an accident and deter them from escaping the seat and moving around the vehicle freely.




Food coloring sensory activity

So, I’m writing this as my sweet little Evelyn is happily sitting in her high chair, playing with food coloring!

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Not too long ago, I posted Baby Painting Sensory Activity. We’ve been trying to figure out different ways to keep little one entertained, while stimulating that incredibly fast growing brain! During months 6-9, baby’s cognitive skills will continue to improve. Your baby will now be more responsive, more playful and will begin figuring the world out! It amazes me that Evelyn is able to figure out that different movements results in different actions. She now knows that when she drops something from her highchair, it will be on the floor. She also understands that different objects make different noises – she loves banging on empty boxes!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that nearly all baby toys are brightly colored. Remember when your front room used to have a subtle color scheme? Now it’s filled with safari green and rainforest red! The bright colors attract baby. Not just with toys, but I’m sure you’ve noticed baby eyeing your blue Gatorade, taking a liking to your colorful clothing, and maybe even staring at the television.

Back when I used to babysit a 14 month old, I stumbled upon a few different sensory activities on Pinterest. One that really stuck out to me was putting paint in a Ziploc and taping it to the high chair. I took that same concept, but wanted to mix it up a little bit. Remember back in elementary school when you filled a bottle with different substances like water and oil? You remember how amazed you were that the water, oil and dish soap wouldn’t combine, but actually stayed separated? Then I had the ah-hah moment. What about mashing the two concepts together? At last, the successful sensory activity was born.

Why we enjoyed this activity

Well obviously, my 7 month old stayed quiet for nearly an hour while I took care of housework.

Evelyn enjoyed pushing the color around and was intrigued by the different movements that were occurring. Isn’t a baby’s curiosity just amazing?

The best part? 100% mess free!


Evelyn enjoyed squishing the colors around. She also kept smacking the colors and even tried to pick the color up – which was entertaining to watch 🙂 I kid you not, this kept her entertained for nearly an hour yesterday! I taped the bag back to her highchair about a half hour ago, and she’s still keeping entertained! No additional toys, no food, no television – just a cheap project that mommy whipped together.

What you need

  • Ziploc
  • Measuring cup
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • A splash of water
  • Food coloring
  • Packing tape

Make sure your Ziploc has a heavy seal on it! We tried putting paint in a baggie a few months ago and it turned into an absolute mess. We used a quart size freezer bag by Ziploc.

No Ziploc? No problem! Click on the photo to order! No pants shopping is the best type of shopping 😉

Measure out (or just eyeball) 1/4 cup of vegetable oil. Add the vegetable oil, a splash of water and 2-3 drops of food coloring into the bag. The water will mix with the food coloring, which will give your baby more color to play with.

Seal Ziploc, and use packing tape to attach the bag to the tray! Packing tape is important! Using regular tape is easy to remove with those tiny little hands.

I hope you enjoy this!



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Vaccinate your damn kids

Within the first 5 weeks of 2019, there have been OVER 50 confirmed cases of measles in Washington State. Unfortunately, most of the contaminated individuals are children. Tracking the activity of those with the deadly disease, local authorities have been issuing close monitoring for others that have potentially been infected. Measles is a deadly disease that has the potential to devastate an entire nation and is not an issue that should be treaded lightly. Please, just vaccinate your damn kids. I did!

Not too long ago, I ran into a dingdong that claimed that heavy metals were used in vaccines. He claimed that they’re poison, ruining the world, blah blah blah. I understand that some people continue to keep their head in the sand and have yet to educate themselves. However, it really isn’t difficult to type in “what is in vaccines?” in to a Google search. I did that, so you don’t have to.

What the heck is in vaccines?

Well, let me tell you! It’s nothing scary – I promise. Yes, terms like “aluminum” can be scary sounding. However, any form of metal profiles is a slim ingredient and necessary in order to make the vaccines stick.

This is from the CDC’s website. I’ll post the direct link at the end of this bit.

“Common substances found in vaccines include:
-Aluminum gels or salts of aluminum which are added as adjuvants to help the vaccine stimulate a better response. Adjuvants help promote an earlier, more potent response, and more persistent immune response to the vaccine.
-Antibiotics which are added to some vaccines to prevent the growth of germs (bacteria) during production and storage of the vaccine. No vaccine produced in the United States contains penicillin.
-Egg protein is found in yellow fever and most influenza vaccines, which are prepared using chicken eggs. Ordinarily, persons who are able to eat eggs or egg products safely can receive these vaccines.
-Formaldehyde is used to inactivate bacterial products for toxoid vaccines, (these are vaccines that use an inactive bacterial toxin to produce immunity.) It is also used to kill unwanted viruses and bacteria that might contaminate the vaccine during production. Most formaldehyde is removed from the vaccine before it is packaged.
-Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and 2-phenoxy-ethanol which are used as stabilizers in a few vaccines to help the vaccine remain unchanged when the vaccine is exposed to heat, light, acidity, or humidity.
-Thimerosal is a mercury-containing preservative that is added to vials of vaccine that contain more than one dose to prevent contamination and growth of potentially harmful bacteria.”

Click here for the CDC’s info on vaccines

If you look on the page, there is also a complete ingredient list for each individual vaccine. For some odd reason, it is believed that heavy metals like mercury is used in vaccines. I assure you, I read through all of the ingredient lists and did NOT come across mercury in a single one of them!

Debunking the myths

It  is important to fully understand the importance of vaccinations. There are multiple reasons why people may choose to not vaccinate themselves or their children. In some cases, this is completely understandable. These situations may be either religious or the patient has other medical conditions that would not allow a safe vaccination. However, not vaccinating over fabricated myths is not a legitimate reason and should not be tolerated. According to Paul A. Offit, a licensed Medical Doctor and spokesperson for Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP), vaccinations are not the scary item that people make it seem to be. He quickly debunks the theories of vaccinations causing autism, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, learning disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, hyperactivity, and a multitude of other problems. He states, “these concerns have been propagated on the Internet as well as by antivaccine celebrities on national television shows.” Doctor Offit supports all further information with strong facts and evidence.

Lets say bye-bye to PREVENTABLE epidemic scares

Back in 2009, America was overwhelmed by the Swine Flu. According to Gustavo Mesch, there were over 61 million people infected by this virus. In addition to this, 275,000 were hospitalized and 12,500 had died. Gustavo Mesch states, “whenever a pandemic strikes, a wave of mass media reports spread the story, often in the most overstated and alarming tones.” America had gone in to a state of emergency, and authorities urged communities to vaccinate and avoid situations of further contamination.
All in all, vaccinating can help prevent life-threatening diseases. Back in 2014, Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America published findings of the importance of vaccination in relation to chimpanzees. A group of scientists conducted research on a primate that has similar DNA as humans. Their mission was to slow down the process of chimpanzees dying from human-exposed diseases. With Ebola and Malaria in mind, this group concluded that vaccinations were the solution to preventing widespread diseases amongst nearly-extinct primates. Even though humans and chimpanzees are two different species, the findings can be a leading example for proper human health care. There is nothing more devastating than seeing a loved one hospitalized with severe symptoms like; high fever, severe rash, difficulty breathing, or nearly dead. This is a situation that can be prevented if people decided to vaccinate.
In conclusion, vaccines are the solution to preventing deadly diseases. There are countless supporting documents and experiments that prove this theory to be true. Parents and people in general should understand this and receive their annual flu shots. Education is the first step to achieving a higher quality lifestyle for Americans and should be followed by unselfish hearts. Cancer patients, young children, and some religions prevent people from vaccinating. Since this is the case, healthy and able-bodied people should vaccinate for those that cannot. This will help ensure everybody’s safety. It is vital for people to educate themselves about vaccinations, prevent epidemic scares, and most importantly; protect their loved one’s lives.



Mesch, Gustavo S., Schwirian, Kent P., and Kolobov, Tanya. “Attention to the Media and Worry over Becoming Infected: The Case of the Swine Flu (H1N1) Epidemic of 2009.” Sociology of Health & Illness 35.2 (2013): 325–331. Web.
Offit, Paul A., and Moser, Charlotte A. Vaccines & Your Child Separating Fact from Fiction . New York: Columbia University Press, 2015. Print.
Warfield, Kelly L et al. “Vaccinating Captive Chimpanzees to Save Wild Chimpanzees.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111.24 (2014): 8873–8876. Web.

One year of exlusive breastfeeding

I can’t believe that we have made it to one year of exclusive breastfeeding! I swear, our journey just started yesterday. I have yet to come to understanding that 1.) my baby girl is now a toddler 2.) this beautiful thing can end at literally any moment.

Fortunately, our breastfeeding journey has been a fairly easy one. We struggled for the first few weeks, but it has been smooth sailing from there. Don’t get me wrong, exclusively breastfeeding is by no means an easy task.

To celebrate our HUGE milestone, I dragged my hubby to take some pictures of us! They came out absolutely amazing, these will definitely be something I will always cherish. Don’t feel discouraged about breastfeeding out in public. Shamelessly have your husband follow you around with his cellphone, your BFF with her new Nikon, or spend the whopping $200 on a photographer. One of my biggest mommy regrets is not getting maternity and newborn pictures (cuz helllllo, I’m frugal!). Do yourself a favor, just go and take the damn photos.


For the moms that are just starting, or that would like to start – check out my post about Relieving engorgement. There are so many great tips, and it links to everything you need to know about breastfeeding! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get your free breastfeeding printouts! I have included a breastfeeding tracker and safe storage of breastmilk.

I still remember trying to have Evelyn latch on for the first time as if it were yesterday. I had just given birth and enjoying skin-to-skin for the first time. I was a complete emotional wreck, crying in utter excitement. I didn’t know how to hold her or how to introduce my nipple to her. I remember growing so frustrated and thought terrible things to myself. I have this incredible being in front of me, why can I not nourish her? Seriously, having her latch on for the first time was like magic. A magic that is so strong and can never be replaced.

The bond

There is something special about knowing that this journey is completely unique and will only be shared between me and my little angel. Nothing will ever be able to replace locking eyes with her as she replenishes herself with my milk. Her lips flare out in just the cutest way possible, and I know that we are connected. I recently taught Evelyn how to rub my belly or my side during feeding, and it just makes feeding so incredibly relaxing!


Our struggles

The first two weeks of our journey was absolute hell. I screamed and cried out of frustration. The pain was beyond unbearable. I felt like an absolute failure, and no words of encouragement could prove otherwise. My breasts swelled in an excruciating manner, that only could be relieved by hand expressing over the sink. My nipples would bleed and were always left blistered. I grew frustrated with my lactation consultant for not having simple answers, and only put us further back.

However, once we established a proper latch, it was smooth sailing (for the most part).

Nights of cluster feeding will always stick with me. Why must I wake up every hour, on the hour? Is it actually possible to hold her for 7 hours in a day? Yes, it’s all part of the struggle – but knowing that she was receiving that liquid gold kept me going.


If I could start over again

I’m not sure there would be many things that I would change if I could start again. Perhaps, learn the proper latching technique sooner. Words don’t even begin to describe how badly I wish I had more support and more voices of encouragement. Yes, my husband is/ was/ always will be my number one super fan. But, he had no idea how to comfort me in such hard times. Of course he isn’t going to know about proper latching, why should he?

Looking back, I suppose taking more mental breaks for myself would have to go on the list. I never bothered with a bottle since I’m a stay at home mommy. What if I decided to allow my baby to have a bottle? Maybe daddy or the babysitter could have taken over so I can feel as if my body was actually MY body.

Regardless, I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished and cannot wait to do it again with my future children!

When will it end?

Now this, this question absolutely terrifies me. I have heard mommas say that their babies self weaned very spontaneously in between year one to year two. I’m not sure I would mentally be prepared if my daughter decided that she no longer needed my comfort! As of right now, I’m hoping we can begin weaning a few months shy of 2 years of age. If she decides to do it sooner, I guess I’ll just have to accept it.


How YOU can keep the magic going!

There are so many things that I can say, I don’t even know where to start! First things first, remember – this benefits your baby is so many ways. The medicinal and nourishing properties of breastmilk should be enough! I know, it can be frustrating. With that being said, it is okay to accept that breastfeeding is not for you. But, don’t knock it until you try it.

Set mini goals for yourself. Maybe, the first hurdle is one month. Maybe 6 months. It is so much easier to run a race when you know where the finish line is. If you can keep running, set yourself a new goal & bathe in achievement!

You found yourself on That Frugal Momma, ya? Well think of all of the money you’ll be saving! I cannot imagine spending $25 on a can of formula once every few days. No thank you, sir.

Consider the bond. I know, I know, I know….there are so many other ways to create a bond with your baby. I mean, you created a bond with your husband – and that probably didn’t involve your boobs, right? Hah okay, maybe not. But you get the idea.

If you’re every feeling beyond discouraged, reach out for help! Whether that be your friends, family, lactation consultant, online chatrooms, etc. Help will always be out there. Shoot, send me a message. I’d be more than happy to talk! After all, it really does take a village.


Best of luck to all of you wonderful mommas out there.



Pregnancy weight gain

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I convinced myself that I was eating for two. I splurged on high calorie meals, dished up a second helping, and topped it off with ice cream.

But, it’s because I’m eating for two, right?

At my 19 week appointment, my OBGYN voiced her concerns. I had already gained over 20 pounds! This was alarming, considering that you’re only expected to gain 15-20 pounds over your entire pregnancy!

I shrugged it off. How dare she tell me to stop eating? I had just finished my time in the Navy, and found myself into the isolated stay at home wife roll. I knew I was beyond depressed, and food was my outlet. I grew even more miserable with every pound that reflected on the scale and every acne blemish that appeared on my face. I simply was not taking care of myself.

One of the biggest hindrances was not having the activity level that I had when I was in the Navy. I went from having over 10,000 steps on my step tracker, to only a few hundred each day.

I have never been an emotional eater. In fact, I’ve stayed the same height and weight since freshman year of high school. I was always active, went to the gym, and actually cared about my appearances.

Only a few weeks after my brutal encounter about my weight, I discovered that I was now up by 30 pounds. Once again, my OBGYN voiced her concerns. Not only of my weight gain, but the potential health risks I could be inflicting on my baby. The thought of gestational diabetes was officially on the table. That’s when it finally clicked, I had to do something. It was absolutely necessary to make a change for this little girl of mine.

My husband and I began walking a mile each night. It didn’t take long for me to start noticing the difference! However, the over eating was still an issue.

The weeks went by, and my weight continued to increase. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was up to 190 pounds! I had actually gained 60 pounds over the course of 9 months. How is that even possible?

I felt absolutely massive, but continued to shrug it off. Somehow, I managed to convince myself that nobody could even tell because 1.) I was pregnant 2.) I was locked up in the house everyday. Nobody even saw me anyway.

This picture was taken 2 weeks postpartum. Talk about chubbbbbby!

Since this picture, I have made sure to take sooo much better care of myself.

I didn’t start seeing any differences until 4ish months postpartum. I knew that I wasn’t at my ideal weight, but at least I was getting better!

Now, I’m actually below my pre pregnancy weight! My daughter is almost a year old and is as healthy as she could be.

Having my little miracle of a girl changed my prospective on life dramatically. I do my best to be my best. Since, my little girl deserves the best mommy that I can be!

Pregnancy and weight gain is a struggle to many of us moms. It is nothing to be ashamed about, but it should be something up for discussion. Take the time to take care of yourself. Enjoy your Oreos, but create a healthy balance.


Make cleaning fun – SAHM edition

Hello, fellow stay at home mom! Let me guess…dishes are a mile high in the sink, toys are everywhere, and *maybe* there’s a three day old poopy diaper on your floor?

I have always hated cleaning, just ask my dad. I have this weird tendency of getting in to crazy cleaning frenzies, but the house is always a tornado site the following day. Sure, I can blame my crazy baby or, my husband that just likes to kick his boots off after a long day of work. Regardless of the circumstances – that cleaning needs to get done! Like, yesterday. What if I told you, you can actually make cleaning fun?

I’m sure we all have our little mental tendencies for everything that we do. As juvenile as it may sound, I create little games for myself while cleaning. Games and cleaning in the same sentence? And it’s not about cleaning up from game night? Yes momma, you heard me right.

Creating a mental checklist helps calm your overwhelming anxieties. Personally, anything that might get me slightly frustrated gets me, well, in a terrible cahoots. That’s why it’s so important for me to individually target each individual goal and work my way from there.

Create mental games

This is something that I have done as long as I can remember. I never realized that I did this until I actually took a moment to reflect. Of course, the thought of any type of OCD freaked me out – and I just had to voice my concern to my “whatever” type of attitude husband. Apparently, it’s not really that big of a deal. BUTTTTT back to my point. Create mental games for yourself!

Any other fans of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?” One thing that will always stick with me is that stupid handle that always has to be turned. Kimmy suggested to her other bunker mates to count to 10, then start over. You can always accomplish something within a small goal – including tirelessly standing and turning a handle!

1.) Colors of the rainbow. Remember learning ROY-G-BIV and thinking that was the coolest thing you ever learned? Take your grade school knowledge and put it in to full throttle. This is so simplistic, but makes the cleaning a breeze. Simply, pick up 10 items with that particular color of the rainbow in it. Believe it or not, but I get so wrapped up in this game. I will actually go out of my way to avoid something that is clearly blue, just so I can save it for when I get to that color.

2.) Count to 10. Another incredibly simple method to a quick tidy up. This isn’t as organized, but it does the same thing. I typically bounce between the front room and kitchen when I’m doing this, but the rules tend to change based on my mood. Pick up 10 items in one room….10 in the next, so on and so forth. Another alternative? Designate a type of thing you’re going to focus on. For example, 10 pieces of garbage, 10 toys, 10 pieces of clothing, etc.

3.) Dishes. Am I the only one that is forced to hand wash all of the dishes? Probably not, I’m sure there is a few more of you out there! Another simple thing. I like to break this down in fives. Do 5 utensils, 5 non utensils. I try to do the dishes everyday. IF not everyday, it’s every other day. On those really bad occasions that I haven’t touched the sink in a week, it takes me over an hour to wash everything! Yuck! Counting to my next goal keeps my mind occupied, assuming my ankle biter allows it.

Obvious alternatives

1.) Pump up the jams!

2.) Just clean all boring, willy-nilly like.


What weird cleaning tendencies do you practice to make tidying up bearable? Make sure to drop it in the comments!

Happy cleaning 🙂



The truth of isolated parenting

Here in just a little over a month, my sweet baby girl will be one year old! It absolutely blows my mind that I had to learn everything virtually on my own. Sure, I would go to family members for advice, turn to the internet for answers or harass the hell out of my doctor. However, I am proud that this journey has been almost completely me and my baby. I got to make the parenting calls with out direct influence of others.  Even with a few bits of disagreement, I was the one that decided to do Baby Led Weaning, bed share, and Cloth Diaper. It was MY knowledge and MY findings that determined how I would raise MY little peanut.


Let me tell you what, my little Evelyn Marie is a total momma’s girl. I spend every woken moment with her. I deal with the tantrums, meal times, bath times, nursing and so so soooo much more. Don’t get me wrong, my husband pulls weight at home and has an amazing relationship with our daughter. However, there is a sense of fulfillment knowing that he will never have the bond that we share.


I do not think that is a negative thing to say. Of course momma and baby should have a tight relationship! Being a stay at home mom and breastfeeding has given me the upper hand on developing a relationship with her.

We are currently stationed in Guam, aka 6000 miles away from home! We recently visited family back in the states for Thanksgiving for an entire month! I loved how supportive *most* people were on my decisions. I only cried like three times, so I guess that’s not too bad. I suppose everybody can’t agree on my parenting style – but that’s okay. It was refreshing for people to tell ME that they were proud of ME for a change.

I loved explaining and sharing my excitement about everything that I have accomplished with Evelyn. I loved that people were able to appreciate how I was molding her – and how my husband was supportive on my decisions.

However, there was one comment that has hit me hard and has stuck with me ever since we left the states.

I was told that even though I may be her favorite person right now, here in a year, she will ONLY love her daddy.

I will always be puzzled on whether or not that comment was supposed to be a joke or not. I wonder if that was supposed to be ill-indented or just a slip of words. How can you tell a mother that her baby wont always love her? But, whatever.

Why I enjoy raising my baby away from family

The best part is not feeling any direct pressure about anything! Of course, I would want somebody to step in if I was intentionally harming my child. Believe it or not, I am not harming my child in any way, shape or form. *insert dramatic eye roll x100*

I don’t have to worry about the hassle of taking time out of my busy schedule to see everybody. In the past 10.5 months, I have been to the states twice. The first time, Evelyn was only 2 months old and it was just the two of us! As already mentioned, we just went to the states again – fortunately, I had my husband with me that time around. It’s by no means easy, but we made it work! I only cried for like 2 hours out of frustration. No big deal, right?

Check out tips on Flying with baby.


While we were visiting family, I had the absolute most ridiculous stuff become conversation topics. This wouldn’t have been a big deal, except for the fact that their messages were being expressed with such an extreme level of rudeness. I personally find something flawed when words cut so deep, I hide in the guest room with my baby to cry myself to sleep. But, I guess that’s just me.

Honestly, I am terrified of living these experiences frequently when we move back home.

Here in just 5 and a half months, we will be living in the same state as our family. Don’t get me wrong, I intend on visiting, but I will get the say! It wont be a 2-3 week time crunch and an overwhelming flood of family time. I’m sure things will be substantially different after fully rekindling relationships with my family and taking the time to get to know my husband’s side.

Trust me, it is weird going from being by yourself to allllll the family over night. Of course my door is always open to others – and that’s how your household should be too.

I am excited for family gatherings, over night trips and have our guest room be utilized. I am excited to no longer have an 18 hour time difference and be able to talk to my family at a normal hour! I am, however, fortunate that I got to skip on the obligatory period of feeling like I have to visit people to show my baby off.

Why I wish I had family present for my daughter’s first year

Let’s be real – motherhood is freaking tough. You endure the most traumatizing thing in your life, go home in pain, and take care of this little crying raisin of a human.

The things I would do for a good night of sleep (at the time) is absolutely ridiculous.

The things I would do to have a free babysitter once a month is absolutely ridiculous.


With that being said, you learn how to adjust. Would it have been easier with my family? Yes, I strongly believe so. Would my parenting be a little different? I would have to say yes to that as well.

It is by no means easy having everybody view your perfect little miracle from only their phone. It is rough knowing that everybody will probably just be strangers to Evelyn when we move to the states. That is absolutely devastating and I cannot wait for that to change.

I am excited for the family trips and vacations that are awaiting in the future. You better believe I am so excited for over night trips to start being a thing too!


I have been with my husband for 3 years now. In that time, I have only met his side of the family 3 times. Not only am I excited to have them know my daughter – I am excited for them to get to know me and vise versa. Let me tell you what, it’s weird sharing a last name with so many people and not have them remember my first name. It’s weird wanting to build relationships and grow close with “strangers,” but not being able to due to the distance.

I hope that in a years time, I can find a way to unite both sides of the family and build a strong community. I hope that one day, my dad and father-in-law can go hunting. I hope that one day, my mom and mother-in-law can share silly stories of when my husband and I were babies.

How to make the best out of isolated parenting


My momma taught me that communication is key – and this is something that I try to live  with in my adulthood. It is absolutely vital to keep the conversation going. Whether messages get responded to once daily or once every other month, the communication is still there.

It makes me happy when people reach out to me to ask how Evelyn is doing. I know that families tend to drift apart when they are so scattered. However, that isn’t reason for relationships to completely diminish.

Even just growing up, I didn’t really know my Grandpa. He lived only 15 minutes away from me my entire life. However, I only spoke to him once every few years. When I visited home a few months ago, he didn’t even realize that it had been 3 years since the last time I saw him. I share this because it is important to know who to keep in contact with and who to just forget about. Even though communication is key, make sure to reserve it for those willing to reciprocate.

Find a strong community

Building friendships has been one of the best things for my mental health since becoming a mom. When you can not have family present, it is important to find a new family. I have enjoyed the in-depth conversations, occasional hosted dinners and baby-sitting swaps.

Read more on Mental health when you’re a new mom

Something that I have benefitted from is being part of online mom communities. There can be a lot of drama if you find yourself in a controversial topic, but most mommas are more than willing to help with guidance. I actually befriended a few of these people from Facebook. I know you old folk might think it’s weird. However, being connected to the world from the security of your cell phone is priceless. There is typically no judgment – but when there is, you can simply block them. Sorry, not sorry!

Know your resources

As previously mentioned, I did a lot of homework on how to parent. Yes; I have family and doctors to turn to. However, it is important to know where to turn to when you need instant answers.

There is a lot of valuable information on websites like Baby Center, Kelly Mom and AAP.

Don’t forget who you are

This has been one of my most difficult obstacles. I used to be in the Navy. I wouldn’t consider myself popular, but I was always social and constantly had people coming to me in search of help. Ever since I separated, I have had the hardest time creating a new identity for myself. It was beyond crappy feeling like just a wife and mom. It’s great for those of you that are content with that, but that’s honestly not enough for me. I absolutely love my husband and being his wife and I absolutely love my daughter and being her mommy. However, there is more to me than just that. It’s pretty discouraging when people don’t even see you for that, but I guess that’s another topic for another day.


Find hobbies

This is kind of an extension on not forgetting who you are. This is so incredibly important and deserves its own category!

I have found a lot of happiness in photography and sharing my ideas with you wonderful people. There is something beyond amazing about disappearing in your own world for a while.

Is there something that you used to do in high school that you don’t do anymore? I strongly encourage you to get back in to it! Creating hobbies brings you happiness. Happy mommy = happy baby. Happy wife = happy hubby.

Make the most out of it

I know a lot of separation from your family happens due to job relocations or needing a fresh start. This is by no means my ideal situation. However, we are so close to moving back home that all I can think about is the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the mean time, enjoy your time. Save up money to visit home or open your home to your family.



Just because you’re doing isolated parenting doesn’t necessarily mean you’re completely on your own. Make sure to appreciate your husbands, especially if they are the means of you staying home with your little one. Don’t forget about your families, they raised you and I’m sure they’ll be excited to watch you raise your baby – even if it’s just from the sideline.

For those of you that yearn for further help, don’t hesitate to reach out. My inbox is always open!



DIY Milk Bath Photos

It had been almost a year since I ended my service in the Navy. What does that mean? Well, that means that it had been almost a year without providing a paycheck for my family! It wasn’t until August of 2018 that I managed to bring home a whopping $800 to contribute to this household. I was beyond excited to no longer “just” be a stay at home mom.


I honestly had a difficult time finding a purpose for myself. I grew up with very little hobby skills, was/am very antisocial and heck; what kind of NEW hobby does a 21 year old tackle? Everybody my age already had 10 years of baseball, guitar or painting under their belt.

I scrolled through Pinterest for what seemed like forever! I typed in stupid things like “hobbies for the untalented,” “hobbies when you suck at life,” and “mom hobbies.” Well, one of those ideas was photography. I talked to my husband and asked what he thought about that idea. Fortunately for me, my husband runs with my dreams with me and was more than supportive. Later that evening, I bought -with my OWN MONEY- a fancy schmancy camera.

We’ll get back in to that later on in this post – for now, let’s talk about milk baths!

How to DIY a milk bath photoshoot


Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This will not increase your cost, but I will receive a slight commission.

Things needed-

    • Your baby (duh)
    • 1 part breast milk : 4 parts water.
    • Accessories if wanted
    • An outdoor location
    • A fully sealed tub of some sorts. This isn’t the exact tub that we used. However, this was the cheapest deal I could find on Amazon! 

If shooting with your phone

Make sure to focus on your subject by simply tapping on your screen. This will help with a more dramatic appearance.

If you’re like me – it might be time to upgrade to something more fun! We’ll briefly talk about DSLRs. I started out with the Nikon D3300 and loved it!

DSLR Camera settings for a milk bath photo shoot

Let me tell you what – I have done a lot of learning since taking these photos. Don’t get me wrong, I love them because they’re of my daughter! However, we might have to create new photos for her one year milestone. I am almost embarrassed over how poorly the editing is. . . oh well. Learn from my mistakes so you don’t deal with the same heartache, I suppose.



This unfortunately will not be a full photography lesson. Think of it more of a what to do and what not to do sort of lesson. If you’re completely new to photography, check out this article from Fstoppers on The Exposure Triangle.

When I first pulled my camera out of the box, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Looking through the milk bath photo album, about half of my photos were either out of focus or blurry from even the slightest movement. Do not think that you need to set your camera to only zero out on the light meter! With that being said, when you adjust one side of the triangle – you must compensate again elsewhere until you find your desired result.

Fun fact – babies move around A LOT. Like, a lot a lot.

How do you prevent all your pictures from having terrible blurs? Well, you shoot with a quicker shutter. Since this shoot, I found a happy place around 1/200 – 1/150.

Baby Safety

When dealing with any baby – safety is always first priority!

Evelyn hadn’t completely mastered sitting up quite yet. The bath made a little slippery slope for her! If you have it on hand, find a non-slip mat to place on the bottom. Either cut to the appropriate size, orrrrrr be a lazy mom like me – just ball it up and call it good.

Having my husband on standby was absolutely crucial. He was standing only about 2 feet away from her for most of the shoot. You never know when your baby might slip! Remember, it doesn’t take long for one to drown.

JUST IN CASE OF EMERGENCY – as a parent, you should already know basic infant first aide and CPR. If not, go to your local Red Cross and get your certification! Also, make sure to have your phone on you, incase you need to call 911.


Make the water “milky”

As previously stated, you will need 1 part breastmilk to 4 parts water. We have about 2 gallons of water in our wash tub and only about 24 oz of milk. Evelyn refuses a bottle, so pumping isn’t really necessary in this house. Plus, I’m a stay at home mom with an unlimited tap – why should she want a bottle????

Even though the water has an okay consistency, it’s not as great as it could be.

If you’re using roughly 2 gallons of water like we did, you should aim for 64(ish) oz of breastmilk. If you’re adamant about not wasting your liquid gold, use either cows milk or almond milk!

What to do if your baby is bored


It felt as if we tried everything to keep Evelyn entertained long enough to get a few decent pictures. She was constantly standing up and trying to climb out of the tub. She would just stare at me blankly like “wtf mom.” No smiles, no emotions, no nothing. She wasn’t amused with her toys, daddy was no longer the funniest person ever, and apparently politely asking her to smile wasn’t cutting it either.

I’m not happy to admit it, but we caved and gave her a piece of chocolate. Yes, that’s the brown stuff dripping from her mouth – not poop. It wasn’t until then that she started to cooperate. Hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do.

If you do decided to turn your milk bath into a chocolate milk bath, make sure to practice proper Baby Led Weaning techniques. No idea what BLW is? Check out this post – allllll of your questions answered about Baby Led Weaning. 

Have fun!45999061_10213048810202059_8966125872603987968_o

Remember, you’re celebrating milestones and capturing the moment on your camera. Maybe it is okay to break the rules a little bit. Give your baby the piece of chocolate. Let them fall on their face if they get too crazy! Laugh with them and enjoy those tiny little hands splashing in that liquid gold.

I hope this has given you a little inspiration! Go out there and have fun with your babies. Feel free to comment with your milk bath pics!




Baby Led Weaning

Once upon a time ago, I was the type of mom that was excited to make my own baby smoosh and airplane feed it to my little one. During our four month check up, Evelyn’s pediatrician gave us the okay to introduce solids. However, from basic homework that I did myself via online, I knew that we should wait a little bit longer. A month passed – Evelyn was now five months old & I pulled out the beloved Gerber baby food. She mad a terrible mess; threw her bowl on the floor, got in between her toes (impressive since she was in her highchair) and in every tiny cranny of her seat. Ohhhh, the joys of early motherhood. I told myself that maybe food could wait until her six month check up.

Well, at her six month appointment, we were seen by a different pediatrician. She is by far one of THE best doctors I’ve ever dealt with. She was sweet, gentle, and was pretty convincing that Evelyn could have been her baby & I was just the babysitter. Towards the end of our appointment, we began to discuss table foods. She once again gave the green light and official stamp of approval. However, she introduced something that I’ve never heard of before – baby led weaning! I was surprised with the information that she had just given to me!

Being skeptical, I went home and did further homework. I checked out Pinterest and Google. However, I struggled to find a well informative post. I consulted again with the pediatrician and she gave me further information. I hope this post doesn’t leave you in the dark like many other posts out there.

What is baby led weaning(BLW)?

Baby led weaning is letting your baby feed themselves table foods! Yes. . . super scary, non mushed, same as you table food! Having steak and potatoes for dinner? Well, so is baby.

Before you begin

First off, make sure to consult your doctor and discuss BLW. BLW is ahhh-mazing, but not for every child. Secondly, make sure to do your homework! I hope this post is able to answer most of your questions. If not, I hope it’s at least a good stepping stone in the correct direction! Lastly, make sure your baby meets all signs of readiness. Teeth not required! What is that, you may ask? Well I’m glad to talk to you about it!

Signs of readiness

  • Baby is 6 months of age.
    • If baby was born prematurely, go off of adjusted age. For instance; if your baby was born at 36 weeks, wait until they’re 7 months old.
  • Baby can sit up unassisted for 1 minute.
    • Make sure they’re sitting up properly. “Tripod stance” is not considered sitting up correctly.
  • Loss of tongue reflex.
    • Baby no longer automatically pushes items out of their mouth.
  • Baby can pick up and bring objects to their mouth easily.
    • Think of teething rings or their toys!
  • Shows interest in your food.

Perks of BLW

It’s enjoyable- Allowing baby to be part of dinner time isn’t only fun for baby, but it’s fun for mom and dad too! Like I talked about earlier, BLW allows babies to be in control of their eating. Who doesn’t like to have all of the power? Perhaps, all of the power also means all of the fun?! Personally speaking, it was interesting to watch which foods Evelyn would devour and which ones would give her sour faces. Only 2 weeks into BLW, we took her to Chili’s. I wasn’t quite comfortable sharing our greasy table food with her – so I gave her a pickle! My oh my, that was THE most fun I had seen her have!

It’s natural- Fun fact: Did you know that the concepts of “momma-birding” food and BLW were the norms until the early 1900s? Back in the early 20th century, the use of formula was being widely distributed and being taught as being the best. These same people were the ones that curated pre-strained foods (aka your beloved Gerber) as being the “safer” alternative.  I recently read an interesting book; Mothers and Medicine : A Social History of Infant Feeding, 1890-1950 by Rima D. Apple. Her primary objective was focused on breast versus formula. However, she examined some clinical studies that baffled her. I screenshotted the highlights – so you don’t have to go through all 265 pages!


So why the mush? Because the Gerber family saw a chance for dolla dolla bills bills, duh.

Development- Giving your baby a small variety of foods helps with all 5 primary senses. Yes, you guessed it – sight, touch, taste, smell and….and…..even sound. Allowing your baby pick through your famous casseroles is good for their development! Don’t be discouraged when most of it lands up on the floor, though.

  • Sight – Introduce multiple colors. In the spirit of Christmas; think green, red and white. Allow them to decide which color is most enticing and see which color they enjoy going to! Evelyn nearly always goes for her strawberries or asparagus first!
  • Touch- This one is a no-brainer. Feeling different textures is a new and exciting concept for your lil’ babe. The pincer grasp skill typically isn’t developed until 8 – 12 months. However, don’t be shocked when your BLW baby develops it at 6-7 months!
  • Taste- Sorry Susan, your casserole is a no-go with your tiny human. BLW gives your baby the opportunity to decide what they do and do not like…including your casserole. In fact, BLW babies are more likely to NOT be picky eaters! Check out this post from The Asian Parent on BLW – stop picky eating.
  • Smell- Obviously, another no-brainer. Cake will probably always be a yay, while sardines will be a hard nay.
  • Sound- Do you know what’s one of the funniest things to babies? Weird sounds! Placing different textured food on your baby’s plate will result in different sounds after being violently pounded on. Why does macaroni make a squishy sound while a cracker makes a breaking sound? Hm, better consult your BLW baby – they’d probably know.

Long term health

Raise your hand if your lactation consultant told you that formula (regardless, fed is ALWAYS best) leads to childhood obesity. Keep your hand raised if you know that adulthood obesity is on a steep incline today. Now… keep your hand raised if you knew that your favorite chocolate morsel company makes your baby’s food? See, I knew I would stump you right there! Yes, back in 2007, Nestle bought Gerber out. Why would I want a company known for their chocolate to be factoring my baby’s food as well? Well, I wouldn’t – here’s why. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much research to figure out how bad this stuff is for your children. Even just Gerber Bananas has 28g of sugar. That’s 3 grams more than what the American Heart Association recommends DAILY FOR AN ADULT FEMALE!banana.JPG

It’s cheaper

Want to justify the fine things in life like steak? Well, practice BLW. It’s much cheaper to cut a fraction off of your plate to share opposed to $1.50/ jar of food. I don’t know about you, but we almost always had leftovers from just about every meal. Ever since Evelyn began eating with us, we didn’t have to worry about wasting food! It literally doesn’t cost us anything additional!

Disadvantages of BLW

Personally, I can’t really think of any serious disadvantages of BLW besides the scare factor. I remember being absolutely terrified of Evelyn choking to death during meal time. However, there is a safe way to practice. We’ll get more in to that further below 🙂 Choking is always a concern and something that you should observe. But remember, this is a normal thing! It is normal for babies to gag and even puke. Make sure to allow your baby to figure things out on their own. Remember, this is completely new to them as well.

With that being said, I highly encourage you to take a baby CPR course. We learned CPR and the baby-safe Heimlich.





How to safely practice BLW

Choking hazards- Do not offer round and hard foods. For example; grapes, popcorn, candies, etc. Instead, cut half or quartered lengthwise. Foods smaller than the windpipe (think of corn kernels) do not need to be modified.

Know the difference between gagging and choking- With gagging, it’s normal for your baby’s face to turn red, sputter, and cough. Those are normal signs! IF YOUR BABY IS GAGGING, LET THEM DO THEIR THING. “HELPING” CAN POTENTIALLY LEAD TO THEM ACTUALLY CHOKING. However, wheezing, blue skin and unable to make noise are all signs of choking. Do not use the straps on the high chair. It’s important that you’re able to quickly get your baby out of their seat quickly if need be! Don’t worry, they shouldn’t be able to climb out. Regardless, they should always be supervised anyways.

Food borne illness– Make sure to fully cook all meats, eggs and seafood.

Avoid- Honey, unpasteurized foods, raw/undercooked anything and obvious choking hazards. Honey can contain spores of bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. If it germinates in baby’s intestines, it can lead to botulism, which can be fatal. Do not offer honey in even the smallest form until age 1.

Offer boob or bottle first- Offer milk an hour before meal time. This is still their primary source of nutrients until age 1! This will also help introduce table foods as a new and exciting thing. Leaving them hungry can result in a tummy ache and severe frustration.

Offer finger shapes- This allows baby to hold onto their food comfortably while chomping away! This also helps them understand the size of bite they should be taking…all at their own pace. Try to cut/ offer food the size of a French fry.

Offer coined shapes- Are you offering your baby your leftover salad mix? Take your pointer finger and thumb to create a circle. If a food can pass through your hole, it needs to be cut into a half. If it is too large for your hole, it is fine to offer as is. Remember, we’re trying to prevent anything that could block your baby’s airway.

Clean up tips

  1. Use a towel to cover the seat part of the high chair.
  2. Have carpet? Place an office mat under baby’s high chair.
  3. Food stains on the tray? Clean with vinegar, then soap.
  4. Really messy meal? Use a disposable plastic mat.
  5. Use reusable wipes – save a few pennies!
  6. Have baby do meal time in just a diaper. Follow with a bath of shower 🙂

Items to make BLW easier

Please note that these are affiliate links. Purchasing through them will not increase your price at all. However, I may receive a small commission. Support a blogger and help make dreams come true! All opinions are 100% my own.



Feeding bowl


Organic Face Cloth


Non spill sippy cup


Snack cup made from plants


Learning plate


Reusable snack bag



tiny diner

Sit ‘n Style


Secure Seat


Safety utensils (click on picture)

I hope this helps! Feel free to message me with further questions.

Happy BLW! Make sure to share and subscribe.


Showering with your baby


Hi, my name is Kylee. I’m 21 and suffer from shower anxiety. Seriously, this is a thing! Once upon a time ago, I was in a Navy training school to earn my occupation of a Damage Controlman (DC). As a DC, I would be responsible for shipboard emergencies and firefighting. Well, one of the requirements at the end of my schooling was to take a shower. A shower from absolute hell. In this shower, I had 20 jets hitting me from 360 degrees and I had to sing the entire alphabet (slowly!) before the jets turned off. Being a person with high anxiety, this was no easy feat and took me longer than anticipated. To this day, I struggle with showers. I can’t keep my head in the stream for too long – and washing my acne medication off is a struggle. Yes, it’s honestly that bad.

Rewind 19 years. . .

I was two years old when I started to sit on the tub floor when my parents showered. However, my main source of cleanliness was baths until I was five! I still remember being an older tot and balling my eyes out over the fact ~and absolute fear~ of a shower. According to my mom, I didn’t learn how to shower on my own until I was seven.

My memories from preadolescence are fuzzy. With that being said, I do recall showers giving me slight anxiety even in high school! That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy racking up the water bill every month, though – sorry Dad!

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This will not increase your price at all, but I may receive a small commission. Regardless, I only recommend products that I fully trust.

Teaching your baby to not fear the shower

Our little babe upgraded from the baby tub in the sink to a big girl tub when she was 7 months old! For the first month of being in the big tub, I would bathe with her to make sure she didn’t crack her head open. At 8 months, I was becoming more comfortable with the idea of her taking a bath on her own. She was listening better and standing up was no longer a new and exciting skill that she just developed. Obviously, she has always been supervised when in the tub!!! Remember, it only takes an inch of water for a baby to drown.

We made the 6,000 mile commute to visit family back in Washington State. Believe it or not, but not everybody has a slip mat in their tub. *gasp!* Fortunately, my MIL has a pretty flat tub in the guest bathroom. Since it was the guest shower, there was no caked up soap – therefor- it wasn’t slippery!

We started showering with our 9 month old by force. Okay, no we didn’t have guns pointed at our head. . . but. . . you catch my drift, right? All three of us had caught a terrible head cold during our flight. While my husband showered, my baby and I sat on the tub floor to enjoy the steam and work that congestion out. What we didn’t know, is that Evelyn would absolutely love it. She always enjoyed playing with the running water in the sink or tub. But let me tell you what, shower streams are like 47320843 times cooler and like, the best thing to ever happen. Evelyn gave it “5 out of 5” and “Will definitely come here again.”

I started out by holding her. I didn’t know how she would react to the streams and didn’t want her to drown or slip.

For baby’s first shower – I definitely recommend having your partner in there with you, or at least on stand by. I couldn’t believe how incredibly slippery that soap would make her. I’ll be honest, it was a bit of work to keep her up.

It took a couple showers of holding her to get her completely comfortable. Every time I put her on the porcelain, she would loose her cool.

Make sure to slowly introduce them to the streams. Play with the water with them, show them that it’s okay to touch it and get their head/face a little wet. Wash them slowly, you never know when they’ll become squeamish.

Fast forward a month – Evelyn loves taking showers at only 10 months old! In fact, she took two showers yesterday! We’re fortunate enough to have a mud room shower that has a completely flat tiled bottom. We put down some rubber play matting down to prevent slippage. Click on the picture to order yours!

We also have a 5 gallon bucket that is flipped upside down – it’s the perfect height for her to hold on to while standing! The bucket pools up with water and she loves splashing it off. She now giggles when she touches the water streams and is in THE BEST MOOD after getting out. Washing her is also sooo much easier now. No more baby wash cloth and she typically rinses herself off.


So remember –

  • ALWAYS supervise your baby in the shower
  • Use an anti slip mat – foams work well for flat showers!
  • Let them get acclimated to the streams before plopping them on the porcelain
  • Ditch the wash cloth – use your hands. Baby will most likely have so much fun, they’ll rinse themselves off
  • Enjoy the smiles and giggles! There will be lots of them 🙂

For the parents that are looking for a “new and improved” way of parenting, I definitely suggest skipping the hassle of baths. Not only will this save you time, but it’ll help with your water bill as well. No more filling up an entire tub that your baby will enjoy only temporarily. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed her ~very short~ stage of big girl baths. With that being said, showers have been much more fun for her and it’s a great 10 minutes of bonding. Personally, I find this to be a much safer alternative to the traditional bath. Also, introducing them to things that give you anxiety (just me????) will help build their courage to be more adventurous in life. It’s time to eliminate the scariness of raising a baby & enjoy the “now.”

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